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      Terms of Payment: 

      Funds must be received within seven calendar days of receipt of sales order. We accept payment in the form of check*, money order, wire transfer, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). An additional 2.5% will be charged for MasterCard and Visa credit card payments and 3.2% for American Express credit card payments. Shipping charges are not included unless otherwise noted. If payment is not received within seven days then your order may be subject to cancellation. 

      * See you Order Management Representative for details on check payments.  


      Buyer acknowledges that upon receipt and full payment to Remarketing Solutions, all equipment will be picked up within 7 calendar days. If equipment is not picked up after 15 days order is subject to cancellation. 

      Terms of Warranty: 

      All sales are final. RSI makes no representation of any kind, express or implied, with respect to equipment. Buyer acknowledges that all equipment is sold. Buyer must notify RSI of any shortages or damages at time of delivery or pickup and should document such on the bill of lading before accepting such delivery. 

      Tax Policy: 

      All sales are subject to applicable sales tax unless a current resale certificate has been supplied to RSI.